Monday, September 21, 2009

First week in

While I am missing Korea I am so happy to be back. Here are some reasons:

Milk comes in four litre bottles.
Sandwiches are for sale everywhere.
Hockey highlights are shown even for preseason games.
Fruit is cheap, plentiful and fresh.
Dog the Bounty Hunter is on TV every four hours.
Fresh air.
I get asked for ID going into bars.
When ordering food or drinks you never ever need to order anything larger than the small size.
15 cent wing nights.
Draft beer.
Salads come with the dressing on the side and not swimming in dressing.

The only thing I have noticed that I'm not happy with is eveything is SOOOOOOOOOOOO salty. It's disgusting. Other than that things are good.


Darth Gateau said...

good to hear all is well one week in. I think your friend Shelley now lives across the hall from my best friend Jane... I'll make enquiries!

Shells Bells said...

Yeah!! I'm so happy that you're happy that's fantastic..I too noticed the crazy saltiness when I moved home last year..Hope we can catch up on the phone soon. Big love!!