Thursday, October 22, 2009

English Bay and Stanley Park

Time to get some Vancouver sights on here. The apartment is a three minute walk from False Creek.

Posing on the beach one morning after we arrived in September.

SJ being a both a good and bad Vancouverite. He is proudly drinking coffee on the beach but he didn't bring his own reusable cup. The tree hugging hippies will not like him.


Taking a break in Stanley Park. I was so happy to see a garbage can again that I had to get my picture taken next to it. (Korea is a garbage can free zone and if there is one it will definitely be overflowing with garbage.)

SJ acting as if he is used to being surrounded by nature. He did a good job of not jumping each time he heard trees playing in the wind but did panic when a nursery of raccoon met us on the trail.

The Lost Lagoon

More wildlife not to be eaten.

All in all Vancouver is a great place to live. The only thing that would make it amazing is if the city can somehow convince Calgary to swap hockey organizations.


Shells Bells said...

I miss you xo

Smokingloon said...

Miss you more! Hurry up and visit vancouver soon.