Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Eat Vancouver

Two free tickets to Eat Vancouver fell into our laps so we headed out to the new Convention Centre (thank you Olympics) on Sunday for lunch. The restaurants there had samples of their goods that you had to buy coupons for to test. The average cost per sample was about $2.50 - luckily Saejin though 5 coupons was five dollars so he ignored his hunger because the sample were tiny compared to the imaginary 5 dollars he thought they cost. Another problem was that the lines were insane in this section but with clever line cutting and ignorance we survived. The best had to be the blue cheese macaroni and meat balls from some restaurant (did I mention the lines were insane so I missed getting the restaurants name - not good for them or me because I'll never find it here in Vancouver.)

We ended up coming home with four litres of soup stock and the way too many samples of packaged goods helped replenish the cupboards. For free it was definitely worth checking out. We also got to see the soup Nazi from Seinfeld fame who is now making a living working food conventions and living off of fictional soup that he makes as a demonstration.

Speaking of food, the one thing I am really struggling with being back here is that chicken breasts have morphed into giant double DDs since I remember last seeing them. In Korea chicken breasts are half the size and cheaper than any other part of the chicken. I liked them that way and I have yet to buy any chicken breasts here because I think that
A...they are pumped way too big with water.
B...how many steroids were these caged creatures pumped with and why don't their legs match their breast...they are barbie chickens.
And c...I can't find (or afford) free range chicken. Besides I don't really miss chicken that much when steroid fed, penned in beef is so cheap and plentiful.