Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm almost 100 percent sure nobody comes here anymore but will try to get back to posting. I know I have said that before just like I have said I'd jog again. But in my defense, it's been two weeks straight of jogging so why not some posts? Life here in Vancouver is all good. I have a great job, great friends and have an even greater time watching the local news panick about the weather. (Yes this is a weather post but don't judge me...I'll never post pictures of cats.)
For the last week, the big news has been about an up coming snow storm. As I type, the rain is coming down as "snow" but seriously it's not snow. Watching the Seattle news they are "warning" people to buy big sized beer cozies for their exposed pipes to avoid freezing yet all that is expected is minus three weather. Yes that freezes but come on, it's nowhere near the minus 20 something weather mom and dad were talking about earlier. I'm acting all tough but five minutes ago I did put on my winter jacket to see if it was good to go, turns out it isn't as there's a big stain on the front of it. I guess I'll go with layers tomorrow.


√Čamon said...

I come here!

Nicole said...

I still drop by, don't worry!! :) I'm sad you're not coming home for christmas!! (so is mom, she was getting cake recipes ready!)

Samantha said...

I'm from Newmarket.. (in Ont) and here the snow can be bad.. but.. *ch* yeah. =)

Svunnen tid said...

Hallo from Norway :) Someone IS reading your blog. Have a wonderfull dag :)

Twistidd said...

Hello from Australia. You're 100% incorrect.


Smokingloon said...

Eamon hope all is good with you. Hope you get a good long vacation for the winter break.

Nicole, I'm sad too but seriously after this week of cold (-10) i'm nowhere near prepared for a Manitoba winter. on the other hand dad does have a beer fridge and if its stocked i could survive.

hello to everyone else thanks for the comments.