Thursday, February 03, 2011

Nicest Neighbour Ever?

Again sorry. Again will try again to post again. Life here is all good. The job is going great and seeing the students now starting to dribble in is what I need to know that it is possible my job will actually work out.

I've had some great neighbours. Trish Mueller will forever be my back door neighbour that I love the most having grown up together in the suburbs. When you move out of these places you hear horror stories about how city life is cold. To make matters worse, Vancouver has a horrible reputation for being an unfriendly city. After moving here, I belived this and have seen this when you go out on weekends but slowly after living here longer and seeing the same people every day in the elevator I have changed my opinion.

We live on the top floor of our apartment building and are amazingly lucky to have a huge roof top patio. At the beginning of last month the neighbour who had the other corner of the building started to move out. He had been living in his place the past fifteen years and has collected a huge beautiful garden. We ran into each often and over time had more and more to say to each other. He was friendly, neighbourly and has helped me see that if you want to be nice it's possible.

His place is being renovated so that prices can go up (we were offered hardwood floors when I looked at this apartment but it would be a $200 dollar increase...I...being underemployed at the time said the rugs were fine)so he has taken his time moving.

Each and every time I see him now, he has stuff to offer. Its started with a couple of big plants, moved onto a table and patio chairs and finally ended with a heater and an amazing BBQ. Tonight while outside to see how things were he overnight placed a larger table top for the table and some outdoor art piece. Can't wait for the rain to stop to enjoy all we have gained.

***Update: Just went outside to check on the noisy party happening down bellow at the posh restaurant next door -the cheapest cars being valet parked are BMWs- and have since found a table umbrella. going to have to turn off the raido so I can catch Patrick to thank him.

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