Friday, December 18, 2009

Where to start?

Things are almost all settled in here. Been away for some time moving apartments and waiting for the internet. (Who knew it took only 10 days to get a connection?) During this time we had to run down to the nearest coffee shop (it's Vancouver, we walked a block) to use the internet. But now the internet is up and with the TV playing the Flames game things are all good.

Here are some pictures from September (I'm way behind) and our first meeting with Rachel Lynn's patio and amazing home.

Rachel Lynn smiles.

Saejin relaxes.

Ross calculates the makeup of the chemical compounds in my camera.

Back in side for games. Here Saejin is before he learns the rules for the new game.

Here he is during the game wondering how having people yelling things at you can be considered a fun thing to do after drinking. It is.

Going to Rachel Lynn's house is great because we always have a chance to play some sort of game. This one has each person given a handful of papers where you write down any noun (really any...Rachel Lynn's dad plays and he gets dirty). We then are divided into two teams. Teams alternate going and one person has a minute to describe the noun they picked from the hat. When you guess it you get the point. After all the words have been played they go back in the hat and you then have to act them out. This is the hard part but it's good fun.

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