Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burrard Bridge

I'm on an ill timed holiday this week. (I'll explain more about this later) All day today I'll be sticking around home doing all the laundry I have ignored for the past week. Yesterday it was nice and sunny (you can't tell by the pictures but this is sunny in Vancouver) so we went for a walk across Burrard bridge. Since arriving in September this bridge (and Granville bridge) sit jut outside the apartment in clear view from the balcony and the only times we've crossed them have been at night coming back from friend's houses.

The bridge here with an upper truss so big boats can make it into False Creek. FYI...False Creek news from the past few weeks...a whale was spotted and chased out of here a few weeks ago. It was searching for some food on it's trek back to Alaska after fasting in Mexico for the winter. Scientists were worried it had become lost and would die if it stayed put around town. Another sighting was of Zach Effron of High School musical fame who sadly wasn't also chased out of town for starving people ofdecent movies.

(An older picture to show how high we were.)

View of the False creek Ferry stop at the Aqua centre to head over to Granville Island or Vanier Park.

Final shot before the camera died. English bay with the Westend in the background. Vancouver definitely deserves its reputation as a beautiful city. I'm very lucky to be living here.

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