Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lynn Canyon Picnic

Late Saturday afternoon Shane came by to pick us up and we finally made it over to North Vancouver. Destination, Lynn Canyon for a lupper picnic. Seeing as none of us had ever been there it was a little strange walking from the car to the Canyon with lots of groceries but luckily there were more than just serious hikers and lots empty tables to eat at.

The view from the suspension bridge.

We made it to the other side. A feat when you consider we all had our own personal handicaps. Mine were my tread less sandals, Shanes was the bag of left over food, Youn Jung (Shane's wife) hiked in high heels and Saejin couldn't handle the suspension bridge bouncing.

Saejin with some Canadian wildlife.

Chllin on a stump to show saejin that camping could be an option this summer. He said he would go if he could stay in a hotel while the rest of us slummed it up in tents.

The view of the bridge.

More posing with nature.

Korean Hiking gear.

Lion's Gate bridge and Stanley Park from North Vancouver where we stopped of for some more views of Vancouver after we drove up some of the Sea to sky highway.

Shane saw some kids tossing rocks into the ocean and he decided to join them. Little did he know that big rocks weigh a lot.


Darth Gateau said...

hey! It's good to see you posting again! My blog has been euthenised.. for now. I've been getting itchy fingers so I may play Lazarus and plug it back in.

Great pics.

Smokingloon said...

Do it Darth! Most of the blogs I had been following went the way of the Dodo. There is no way life in Dubai can be non blog worthy...unless it's too blog worthy and the authorities may find out. Either way good to hear from you again.

The Traveling Teacher said...

Love the pics Cammykins! You look wonderful xo