Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello? back into blogging baby

Testing, testing...anyone remember me? It looks like things are slowly falling into place for me and life back here in Canada. Not sure where to start with the updates but the most important one is I'm finally finished my TESOL and can legally teach in real language schools here. To get the TESOL, I was doing night classes three times a week for three months and then had to do a practicum but now it' all done with. (The practicum ended last week during my first week at my new job. Those days sucked as I was going from 8 am all the way until 9:30 at night. Sucky times for sure but now its good. My practicum supervisor was amazing and helped me out a lot and possibly we will wok together in the future.)

The school I'm at is alright but it's just for a one month contract which they may or may not extend (depending on how I do and if student numbers remain pig flu please Mexico). I am still looking for something more secure and should be able to get at least two interviews (I have connections now) for some possible jobs. Anyway I have nights off for a change so I can start jogging again and loving life in Vancouver even more. Will post more soon. (This time I mean it.)

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