Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chinese Food

Had a job interview today which went great. It's at a school that pays a lot more money but the only trouble being I'd have to go on a sub list for the time being and next month (as in July) I would probably slip into a full time position. Not exactly sure what I will do but the lady doing the interview was great (she actually had questions I had to think about - she liked my answers and said she'd never hear a few of my answers before but said they'd work out great in a class) and she told me to contact her after next week when I finish my contract with the other school.

Tonight I'm off for some real Chinese food. My TESOL practicum partner teacher is finishing up her classes with the new immigrants I taught a few weeks ago and they are heading out for dinner. The class wanted her to invite me along. Not sure what kinds of Chinese food I'll be having but seeing as they are all new immigrants here I'm sure it will be amazing real Chinese food. Another one of the benefits of living in a city where almost 50 percent of the population has ties to China - great, cheap Chinese food. Pictures to follow if we end up eating anything mysterious.

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